styling tool for newborn photography

Styling for In-Home Newborn & Family Portraits

Styling your family for storytelling photographs rather in your home or the great outdoors, comfortability will always be my recommendation. As a bigger family, I can certainly relate to the anxiety of styling each family member individually to fit their unique personality but also making sure everyone looks cohesive. When families reserve their portraits with me, they get FREE access to my styling tool that I just love; Style & Select!

Style & Select is a visual tool that helps you coordinate your wardrobe! It’s a digital shoppable style guide, meaning you can use the tool simply for inspiration from your closet, or you can order your choices directly from retailers to be shipped to your doorstep! This tool helps you get gorgeous photo-worthy outfits for everyone being photographed.

How Does Style & Select Work?

Once you’ve reserved your session with me, you will receive an official Welcome Email. Within the welcome email, I provide the link and styling code to get started with coordinating outfits.

styling tool for newborn photography


Enter the styling Code provided in the Welcome email.

newborn styling tool

Select the Style that best speaks to you. As a lifestyle photographer, I recommend “Elevated Casual” for in-home sessions. However, you can check both options to get a “feel” of the different styling options. Next, you’ll choose the colors that you’d like to shop for, remember to keep the aesthetics of your home in mind. I’m a fan of all neutral tones, with a pop of rich colors. You want clothing that isn’t too tight, or short for those moments when you’re moving: running, walking, sitting. etc. This family is a great example. You want to make sure that you are not all matchy-matchy! Throw some solids and patterns together with accessories to complement!

in home family portraits

Here’s a quick video of how easy it is to coordinate your entire family: Ann Arbor photographer helps style families! Click the link to see a complete walkthrough of how it all works!

Once you’ve made your selections and hit submit, I will receive a copy of your selections. From there, we will work on finalizing your wardrobe. The best part about this service is that you can order your pieces and have them arrive on time for your portrait session or you can grab pieces from your closet. You can also use this tool to shop in person, with some idea of what you want your family to wear.  I am also available via text or Facetime to help coordinate or make suggestions to improve the overall look.


Styling your family is so easy and intuitive with this tool. What you wear is important as it plays a role in the whole vibe of the photograph. It should complement where you’re planning to have them taken and compliment the individual wearing them. You want to show up unbothered and confident in your clothing choices. This helps you to focus on the real moments and genuine interactions with your family without the hassle of tugging, pulling, or stressing about what you have on.

Tiana is an award-winning lifestyle photographer, specializing in at-home newborn and family photography in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas. Visit her website today to learn about her meaning, storytelling, and timeless portraits.



I am a wife, Mama of 4 + 2 bonus babies, adventure seeker, and chocolate lover!  I was born in Chicago, raised in Detroit, and currently living my best life here in Toledo.