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Congratulations and Welcome.

I'm Tiana, a mother of 3 who enjoys helping other mothers and mothers to be preserve the beauty and realness of their motherhood journey.  I specialize in all things maternity. My goal is to capture the most natural moments of births, freshly born babies, nursing mamas, pretty round bellies, and the raw emotions that comes with it all.

My style of work is a documentary + portrait combination. Clients enjoy my laid-back  approach to documenting their stories. My edits are true to reality, clean, and sweet. You can head over to the gallery section to view some of my favorite portraits. 

One thing that you will learn quickly about me is that I am very transparent and love the simplicity of things. You will find that this one page will answer most of your questions. If you do have any questions, shoot me an email: or text me: 734-658-9221.

I only schedule 6 sessions per month to ensure that I can provide an exceptional experience for my clients. At times, I am booked 3-6 months out, so contact me as early as you wish to check availability and to reserve your  date on my calendar.

Getting started is easy, all you have to do is submit the basic questionnaire form and then check your email. You can expect to hear from me within the next  12 hours. I look forward to getting to know more about you and the details you'd like for me to capture.


In addition to what's included with each session, you will also receive:

A pre-session consultation, professionally edited and finished portraits, print release, online protected web gallery and $100 OFF any portrait collection.

I am aware that professional portraiture is quite the investment. Why?

Each photographer is different and I'm sure you'd find some cheaper. I'd like to take the time to explain where your money is going and why my prices are pretty reasonable.

Outside of making a modest salary,  it takes proper education and continuous training/workshops to reach the photography's standard of professionalism, expensive gear and equipment, marketing, editing software, computer, internet, phone, maintenance, client  management software, childcare cost, transportation cost, website hosting, email hosting, merchant fees, lab fees, taxes and more! 

I understand that not every client  is my client, but I do want potential clients to know the value of hiring a professional photographer.

I work with families of all budgets and offer payment plans.  

All sessions require a 25% deposit. Payment plans are available for the remaining balance if needed.

Additional portrait artwork  such as albums, premium gallery wraps,  folio memoir boxes, standard and mounted prints, slideshow, and additional digital images are available for purchase. Some items can be purchased directly through your online web gallery and shipped to your front door.

Clients tend to spend between $800-$2,200 on their portrait artwork and session fees combined.




These are 1 hour sessions that take place outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

Early on we change. We eat different. We think different. We act different. This is the beginning of motherhood and the most honorable title you'll ever have. I am happy to offer you an opportunity to showcase that pretty round belly.

Includes (12) downloadable high resolution files.




On call 24/7 for you starting when you have reached 37 weeks.

A complimentary 30 minute maternity session at 30+ weeks. This includes (5) downloadable high resolution images

Birth coverage  from when you're in active labor (5-6cm), birth, and 2 hours after birth. 

Birth Journal

Custom 10x10 Album

Depending on your birth length, your online web gallery will include between 50-200 images. You will be able to download ALL images within this gallery.

Fresh 48



This 2 hour lifestyle session captures the bonding moments between mom, dad, siblings, and any special guest present. 

Expect for me to get all the details like the tiny hat, the room, the blankets, wrinkles, flaky skin, tiny feet, hands, hospital bracelets- all of it.

Typically scheduled the next day after birth within the hospital or birthing center.  

Includes (25)  downloadable  high resolution images

Newborn Documentary



This 2 hour lifestyle session is held within the comfort of your own home   

Very similar compared to a fresh 48 session as far as the details of what will be captured.  

Typically these sessions are scheduled  within the first 2 weeks of birth.

Includes (25)  downloadable  high resolution images.




These are 1 hour lifestyle sessions that takes place outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

Breastfeeding sessions are perfect for mama looking to focus on capturing not only the  bonding moments between nursling and herself, but the journey that her breastfeeding story tells.

Includes (12) downloadable high resolution files.

Family Documentary



These are 1 hour sessions that take place outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

All families are different. I love capturing authentic and genuine love between family members.  Take a day to just focus on your family and love on one another without the hassle of everyday life getting in the way. 

Includes (12) downloadable high resolution files.

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