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 4 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Print Your Photos in 2022

Print your photos, it’s not a thing of the past! Even in 2022, the importance of printing is still relevant! Find out why with these four crucial reasons.

1. You don’t know when, but technology will fail you.

Are your photos sitting in your cloud storage graveyard right now? Advances in technology have made it so convenient to store thousands of pictures on devices that rarely get reviewed. Unfortunately, your mobile device will not power up one day. Your backup storage device will crash. It has happened to me before, so don’t wait until it’s too late to have your photos printed. Having a hard copy of your most precious memories is priceless for so many reasons.

2. Photography is best enjoyed in print.

When you print your photos, they no longer become scrollable but tangible. It’s now something you can hold and experience in more extensive detail, effortlessly tying you back to places, emotions, and experiences. They become pieces of art that you can share as a gift or display in your home. There are so many beautiful ways to enjoy photography, and honestly, digitally isn’t one of them.

print your photos


3. Print your photos because it’s invaluable.

They are the first things we grab in a house fire. They’re what we look at when we mourn loved ones, anniversaries, and birthdays. Physical prints, especially portrait albums, have a means of introducing our children to past generations or even family members they never had the honor to meet. There is so much power in printing photos; they aren’t just for you but also for future generations. It gives children confidence and a sense of who they are. This short 1-minute video shows how kids connect with photo prints.


4. Getting Your Photos Printed is Simple to do!

The simplest way to have your photos printed is directly through your photographer. My clients appreciate that they can order a variety of print options such as gift prints, albums, framed portraits, etc., with the click of a button! You don’t have to stress where to print, if the photo is cropped correctly, or color accuracy issues. If you can’t buy a collection from your photographer, I highly suggest using Mpix. They’re the only consumer printing service that I recommend because of their excellent print quality and affordability.

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Even with all the advances in technology, your devices will crash sooner or later. You should be printing your memories on a larger scale to experience them and pass them on to the next generation. It’s invaluable to print your photos for many reasons, including mourning or building confidence in children. Printing photographs is simple; do not let your core memories die in the cloud graveyard.

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