3 Reasons why you should book In Home Maternity Photos

Have you thought about having your maternity photos taken in your home? While I love a sunsetting golden hour outdoor maternity session, there is nothing like the ease of in-home maternity photos done at home.  Here are my top 3 reasons you should have your maternity session at home.

In-home maternity photos offer a more relaxed and intimate option

You don’t have to plan much or buy super fancy clothes. You can easily coordinate comfy clothing for the bedroom, living room, or nursery (if it’s ready)! With privacy from the public, you and your partner spend quality time obsessing over your growing belly, reminiscing, and focusing on just the two of you from the comfort of your home.

maternity photos at home

in home maternity photos

maternity photos at home

There is nothing like being in the comfort of your own home for maternity photos.

You’ve coordinated your home so beautifully with furnishings,  decor, and personalized items that resonate with who you are. That’s important. Even if your home isn’t Pinterest-worthy, your home will be the first place your baby calls home. There is something so magical about having maternity portraits taken in the exact spot and re-creating that image once your baby is born. This is the beginning of a new journey, and home is always where the heart is!

maternity photographer

maternity photos

in home maternity pictures

In-home maternity photos mean perfect weather.

We don’t have to worry about rain, wind, sleet, or snow with indoor sessions! With the winter months in full swing, this is the perfect time to schedule in-home maternity photos. If you’re like me and cannot stand being in the cold, even for a second, this is a perfect option for you! You don’t have to fret over unpredictable weather.

pregnant mom sitting on bed maternity photos in home

in home maternity photos

Check out our portfolio!  We offer in-home maternity and newborn sessions and Fresh 48 hospital newborn sessions. If you’re expecting and would like to have your portraits documented at home, shoot us a message. We’d be honored to capture these fleeting moments for you and your partner.


I am a wife, Mama of 4 + 2 bonus babies, adventure seeker, and chocolate lover!  I was born in Chicago, raised in Detroit, and currently living my best life here in Toledo.