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5 Reasons Why Every Pregnant Mom Needs a Maternity Photoshoot

It’s true! Everyone has their handy dandy cellphones to capture moments in a pinch. But, like any momentous event, a maternity photoshoot should be on a Professional Photographer’s schedule (one that specializes in maternity, of course!).  I’ve got five solid reasons why expecting moms need to book a maternity photoshoot.

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1. Announce a BIG reveal with your maternity photoshoot

You can use your maternity images to share the news! Rather you’re announcing your pregnancy, baby’s name, or the baby’s gender, you can get super creative with a personal touch. Have you seen my newest Pinterest Board? You’ll see real-life and authentic announcement ideas and inspiration.

2. You are going to miss your baby bump

Your body is doing miraculous and incredible things. With every new feeling of somersault kicks, changes to diet due to cravings, and your growing belly, you’ll soon miss these moments of change. For some moms, it may not be as luxurious due to sick days or overwhelming pregnancy symptoms, but even the most difficult days of pregnancy should be documented.

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3. You will thank yourself later, and so will your children 

Maternity photographs are symbolic and powerful. Photos are a time capsule. Your child will wonder about this very new beginning. My daughter asks me so many reminiscing questions. She’s interested in it all. “How did Dad ask you to marry him?” “Mommy, did I wear pink on my 2nd day alive? or  “Can I see a picture of when I was in your belly?” Trust me; you will be equally as grateful and thrilled to be able to share such tender memories and photographs with your children.

Ann Arbor maternity photoshoot in garden

4. Chapter One in Your photo album

With a maternity photoshoot, you are ultimately starting a new chapter in your life!  You can schedule multiple sessions with your photographer, using snippets from each milestone to complete your first year’s album. You’ll have a collection of memories in no time! Open this album yearly on birthdays and watch the magic in your child’s eyes. Can you imagine all the smiles, giggles, and embarrassment (teenage years, haha) they’ll have as they watch themselves grow up knowing who they are and where the journey started?

5. Capture the Joy and Anticipation

This milestone marks the beginning of a growing family. Even if it’s not your first pregnancy, the joy and anticipation are natural and grow with the more children you have. It marks change, growth, and newness in life. Being a lifestyle photographer allows me to show my clients authentic and interactive moments artistically. It brings me absolute happiness to not only witness the love, joy, and anticipation of families but to preserve those moments in such a timeless and meaningful way.

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