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Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography is Gaining Popularity!

Lifestyle newborn photography is trending! Traditional newborn photography is not out, but many mamas are choosing to skip the traditional route for these three main reasons. 

There is a big emphasis on natural interactions between babies and family members.

When clients book me for their at-home newborn photography session, my goal is always to capture the most candid, genuine, and real-life interactions as they unfold. Because there is minimal posing, I guide my client through their session with gentle prompts. As a result, they get to be and express their authentic selves while cuddling, changing, singing, reading, feeding, or just vibing with their newborn baby. Unlike the traditionally posed photos, lifestyle newborn photos evoke more emotion, freeze real-life moments, and tell a unique story about what life looked like for a family during such a beautiful and transformational time in their lives.

Newborn photo with family members


Lifestyle Newborn Photography is Less Stressful.

New parents appreciate the convenience of not having to pack a diaper bag, find fancy matching new outfits, or panic about traveling with their newborn baby. Everything you need to take care of your baby is right at your fingertips. As an in-home newborn photographer, the only thing that I advise my clients to do is tidy up the space, coordinate comfortable clothing, and have fun! Then, older siblings, grandparents, or even your fur babies can join! Lifestyle newborn photography is spontaneous, baby-led, and family-centered, essential for curating a stress-free environment to create unique photographs.

Siblings meet newborn baby


Newborn Photos in the Nursery.

Some families spend quite some time planning, renovating, and designing their baby’s first bedroom. Parents get the most creative. There is so much that goes into finding that perfect accent wall color, crib, and themed decor. I love being invited into these precious spaces as a lifestyle newborn photographer. The nursery is always my favorite place to shoot because of all the room’s fine details, decorations, and personality.


lifestyle newborn photographer



Lifestyle newborn photos at home are gaining popularity because many new moms and dads want to focus on the intimate interactions and emotions of adjusting to life with a newborn baby. They’re less stressful, baby-led, and family-centered. New parents can relax in the comfort of their homes and show off their beautifully curated nurseries.

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