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As I sit here trying to find the right words to say, my 3 year old is tapping me on my leg asking for the password to my cellphone so that she can watch Daniel The Tiger on Youtube. I glanced at her and suddenly hoped that when I blinked again, she wouldn't be standing taller and asking for the keys to my car. I'm suddenly wanting to just hold onto her, cuddle her, and never let her grow. 

Sometimes we don't realize just how fleeting all the precious moments and even the smallest of details are until we're reminiscing about "those days". My story mixed with an undeniable passion for the well being of mothers and babies have driven me to focus solely on motherhood. I specialize in birth photography and freshly born babies, however I do offer a range of sessions tailored specifically for mothers including maternity, breastfeeding, NICU visits, postpartum, baby milestones, and family lifestyle sessions.  My goal is to preserve the details, the sweet moments and just the real life instances that will become a constant reminder of your life, your story, your strength, and the beauty in your role as mother.

I'm very laid back with a portrait + documentary style of work. My edits are warm, moody, and clean. I create emotive, captivating and storytelling portraits. Did you check out my favorite images yet? Does my work resonate well with you? Do you feel like we may be a match for each other? If so, I'd love to chat!

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(2) Births per month and (5) Portrait Sessions per month

This allows me to focus on my clients, providing them with an exceptional customer experience and providing them with nothing short of high quality portraiture. Please book at the earliest that you feel comfortable to make I can reserve your due date or session date on my calendar. You can book as early as 6 months in advance for births and 3 months in advance for portrait sessions.

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The Birth Experience

A mom in labor with her baby at a hospital.

The Birth Experience The two most important days for an expecting mom is the day her baby is born and the day she gets to bring her baby home. Birth is such a defining and strengthening event in life that cannot be "done over again". It literally only happens ONCE. Your support team: partner, OB/Midwife, doula, mom or whomever else will be focused on serving you. Asking them to "take pictures" for you can be a daunting responsibility as they'll be emotionally and physically involved with making sure all of your laboring needs are met.  We like to believe that we will never forget the way our partners looked down at the squishy little baby that you worked so hard to bring earth-side, or how the tears ran uncontrollably down your cheeks as you looked into that sweet baby's face for the first time - but we do.  Eventually, our birth stories fade as time passes by.  We remember the feelings and emotions of our birth story, rarely do we vividly remember all of the details. That is why you hire a birth photographer. You will rest assured that a professional birth photographer will handle capturing your extraordinary "birth" day. If you're a 1st, 2nd, or even a 3rd time mom, each pregnancy and delivery will be unique. Every year, on their birthday, you'll get to show your child your undeniable strength and their birth story!

Motherhood Portrait Session

siblings holding newborn baby on the couch.

Motherhood Sessions include: Maternity, Newborn. Breastfeeding, Postpartum. Milestones. NICU & Family.

Maternity: These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or an outdoor location. In the midst of 9 uncomfortable and unglamorous months, setting aside a morning or afternoon to do your hair, makeup and wear something that makes you beautiful can be an incredibly grounding ritual. Take this opportunity as a gift of space and time to revel at the amazing process that your body is going through. These sessions are to celebrate your pretty round belly and to capture your life as you create life. Even if it’s your seventh pregnancy, this is such a fleeting lovely time and these photos can act as a bookmark. What did life look like when you and your partner were about to become parents for the first time? What did life look like when you only had two children? What did life look like when you were about to embark on the journey that is single motherhood? This will be a beautiful keepsake to show your children that they were loved even before they were earth-side, that there was a time before them, and that parenthood started the moment you learned of their growing presence.

Fresh 48 Newborn: These sessions take place within the hospital or birthing center within 24-48 hours after you've given birth. These are intimate sessions that showcase your new baby's presence. You'll want to remember the fresh scent, hospital tags and blankets, tiny little feet and hands, all the sleek features of your tiniest new joy like that dimple, chubby cheeks, daddy's lips, mama's eyes and all of the sweet bonding moments with immediate family members. 

In-Home Newborn: These newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, not your typical photo studio right? Being in the comfort of your own home with your newborn will be so warm, cuddly and sweet. These lifestyle sessions allow you to be free and have control over your environment. It's very much similar to a Fresh 48 Newborn session, however I'd get to take pictures of the details that tie your family together including the baby's nursery and living areas. 

Breastfeeding: These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or outdoors. Rather you are tandem nursing,  extended nursing your toddler, or just started your breastfeeding journey, these sessions are to document you and your nursling no matter what stage you are in. Some moms are able to nurse only a few months while others a little bit longer. It's such a selfless and sacrificial act for a mom to choose to breastfeed. Trust me, they will wean and it will come faster than you think. l know how proud it feels to nurse a child beyond infancy and having emotive portraits to look back on always remind me of the strength. Why not celebrate and gift yourself a portrait of an incredibly beautiful time in your life? 

Postpartum: These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are to document any time within the 4th trimester. I will capture your postpartum body, your routine, and your life as a new mom. These sessions will include photographs that tell a story about you adjusting to your new role and embracing motherhood gracefully with open arms. All of the emotions, details, and your unique traits will come to life and remind you how it all began.

Milestones: These sessions take place outdoors or indoors. You'd want a milestone session for celebrating your sitter at 6 months and/or celebrating their 1st birthday. Sitter sessions are done in-home or outdoors (weather permitting). I cover 1st year birthday party events and outdoor cake smash sessions  as well. There will be an additional $65 fee for decorations. Outdoor cake smash sessions are only scheduled between May-Sept annually. I also accept 2yr old birthday celebrations as well.

NICU: These are complimentary sessions that I donate to families with premature babies who have stayed at least 3 weeks in the NICU. I am currently only accepting applications for the NICU at St. Vincent Mercy Health. I will come to the NICU to capture bonding moments, feeding tubes, baths, skin to skin, and etc. These are beautiful and intimate sessions that families love. Visit "Giving Back" to learn more.

Family: These sessions take place outdoors or in the comfort of your home. I focus on the connections and small details. Take a day this day, to really enjoy the presence and love of your family and/or children. Throw your kids up in the air,  enjoy a familiar game, or simply run around and have fun. When you are interacting with each other naturally, that's when the sparks fly! I prefer my clients be themselves. I try not to pose my clients because I love candid moments so much more . You'll be amazed at just how easy and flattering your images will be! 

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Tiana specializes in Birth and Fresh 48 Newborn Photography in NWO and Southeast Michigan.

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