Birth, Maternity, Newborns, and Motherhood Photography in Toledo, OH and NWO areas. What do I shoot?

Birth and Maternity:

A mom in labor with her baby at a hospital.

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Maternity sessions take place outdoors or inside of your home. These are perfect for showing off that pretty round belly and remembering such a monumental time in your life. Becoming a mother is by far the most sacrificial,  dopest, and live changing thing you can do. Why not celebrate and have precious memories to reflect back on?

The Birth Experience is truly one of a kind whether you're birthing at home, hospital, or at a birthing center. It's all inclusive and worth every penny. If you're a 1st, 2nd, or even a 3rd time mom, each pregnancy and delivery will be unique. Your support team, the emotions, the strength, power and beauty in bringing a child earth side is beyond extraordinary. I wish I would have had this option when I had my babies. You'll be able to birth peacefully, blog about it in your journal, while I document non-intrusively what is happening. Every year, on their birthday, you'll get to show your child their birth story with images and your personalized notes, thoughts, and experience.. 


Fresh 48 photo of newborn baby

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Fresh 48 sessions: These are intimate family sessions that take place within the hospital or birthing center within 24-48 hours after you've given birth. You'll want to remember the fresh scent, hospital tags and blankets, tiny little feet and hands, all the sleek features of your tiniest new joy, and all of the bonding moments with immediate family members. 

In-Home Newborn: These sessions take place at your home. Being in the comfort of your own home with your newborn will be so warm, cuddly and sweet. The goal is to get you and your family in their element. It's pretty much a "day in the life" kind of session. I'll take pictures of the details that tie your family together. There is no limit as to where we shoot, as long as there is enough light. I love these lifestyle sessions because they are more relaxing and peaceful. 


siblings holding newborn baby on the couch.

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Motherhood Sessions can be defined as real life, lifestyle session that include a maternal perspective. These sessions can include postpartum, breastfeeding, babies/milestones, A day/night in the life, or family. These sessions take place outdoors or in your home. It's all about you and/or your family. Take a day this day, to really enjoy the presence and love for your family. Throw your kids up in the air, enjoy a familiar game, or simply run around and have fun. I want you to be as natural as possible. I'll direct if needed, but I do not pose families. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to get authentic photos when you're interacting with each other.

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