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Fresh 48 Photos: Hospital Newborn Photography Explained

Fresh 48 newborn sessions are the sweet spot between birth photography and lifestyle newborn photography. These special sessions are perfect for capturing those intimately beautiful moments within 48 hours after birth. Rather you give birth at home, birthing center, or hospital, fresh 48 photos are a must!

What are Fresh 48 Photos?

They’re ideal for families who may not have wanted their entire birth photographed but still have those raw emotions and details captured. Fresh 48 newborn photography is documentary-style in nature. It captures all those super sweet and unique newborn characteristics, bonding moments between immediate family members, and some of your baby’s first or even your first as new parents! What I love most about fresh 48 photos is that new parents are instantly reminded of their birth space and their experience.

Lifestyle Newborn VS. Fresh 48 Photography

A lifestyle newborn photo session usually takes place at your home, within 1-2 weeks after birth. From the storytelling setting of your living room to the styled nursery, lifestyle newborn photo sessions have more character and sentiment. The fantastic thing about lifestyle newborn sessions is that your home has meaning. As time goes on,  you’re able to have photos taken in the same area, throughout the year, to show your baby’s growth and how life has changed since birth.

Lifestyle and fresh 48 photos offer different perspectives which are equally yolked. The most significant difference is the time delay of when the sessions take place, the environment, and some slight changes in your growing baby. A two-day-old newborn isn’t quite the same as a two-week-old newborn. The umbilical cord falls off, lanugo (protective hair) disappears, etc.

If I had to compare the two in my own words, lifestyle newborn sessions are more like “A day in my life with a newborn” while fresh 48 photos are like “My life, hours after birth”.

fresh 48 photography

fresh 48 photos

newborn photos fresh 48

fresh 48 photographer

photos at the hospital

fresh 48 photos

Fresh 48 Availability

Fresh 48 newborn sessions are available for booking as a 30-minute limited edition session (only 3 available per month), or you can book a full 1-2 hour session. Also, if you’re looking for a super adorable matching baby swaddle + mama gown for your photos,  check out Caden Lane Baby Boutique. They have a great selection of warm and cozy sets for you and your baby.

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