Fresh 48 Newborn Photos: Welcome Baby Bryson

Over the weekend, my best friend of 16 years became an official BOY MOM! I was so happy to finally meet him and see his fresh squishy face, identical to his big sister. Everybody knows that fresh 48 newborn photos are my absolute favorite to capture. This freshie session was so perfect from the people in it, the lighting, colors, and moodiness.

I was a bit sad that of the one hour that I could be on-site, our time was cut short due to the typical multiple nurse room visits. Even with only 30 minutes to spare, these fresh 48 newborn photos make my heart so happy and warm inside. Even though my best friend was reluctant to get in the photos, she’ll thank me later for telling her she has no choice. LOL! It’s often that we as moms just want to focus on our babies and capture all their first moments, not realizing that these are our first moments with our new baby too! Take a peek at these gushingly sweet newborn photos.

hospital fresh 48 photos in Ann Arbor


There’s nothing like being able to hold on to moments like this, for a lifetime. Want to learn more about fresh 48 newborn photography? Click the link to read about it. I only book 3 freshie sessions every month due to the on-call nature of these sessions. These sessions are scheduled during the day before 1 pm and within 48 hours of giving birth. Shoot me an email or submit the “Let’s Chat” form if you’d like to get a head start on planning your baby’s first professional portrait session in the hospital.



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