Got Milk?

"Booba, Nummies, Mine, Boobies, Nu Nu"

These one hour documentary life- style sessions are perfect for mamas looking to focus on capturing not only the  bonding moments between nursling and herself, but the journey that her breastfeeding story tells. Are you tandem nursing? Does your little one like to twiddle? What's a day like in the life for you and your nursling? They will wean unfortunately and it's really nothing we can do about it. Why not treasure these moments to look back on?

What are the cute little names your baby or soon to be toddler nickname your breasts? My daughter went by "Booba". I just weaned my healthy bouncing two year old this past June. Bittersweet, but I will never forget hearing her little voice call for her boobas.

Your Breastfeeding Story includes:

Portrait Consultation

An online password protected gallery 

15 high resolution, professionally edited and curated images

(Delivered within 2 weeks of your session)

Print Release

$100  towards ANY portrait package 

Session fee $500 

|$250 Deposit Required to Book, remaining balance is due before your session date|

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October: (2) available

November: (3) available

December: (3) available

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