Birth Your Way:

“Birth Your Way” is a birth planning tool, for the family that wants to be informed and empowered about the decisions surrounding their birth experience. All of the content is provided by Motherboard Birth, a web app. I want to help local families not feel so overwhelmed with the planning process and to provide additional support. We will start with the basics of choosing your care provider, birth place location, and choosing your Birth Team. If you are already certain of these choices, that’s great! We will explore topics about labor, birth, postpartum, and even options for Baby Meds. Knowing your options is crucial and so is speaking up for yourself. Don’t wait until labor. Prepare yourselves now

The deeper you dive into the preferences that speaks to your birth, the better the knowledge you’ll gain! I will be available to answer any questions, concerns, and etc by phone or email. In the end, you would have chosen your top 15 birth preferences which will make up your visual birth plan/motherboard.  You will be able to invite your healthcare team and birth team by email right from the App to view/download so that everyone is involved and on the same page. Plus, we will print and laminate your birth plan for display in your birth space too!

There will be access to birth related handouts/ PDF’s, links to credible resources to gain better information, learn about  pregnancy week by week, along with some other pretty amazing stuff.

  • Pregnancy / Birth Affirmations
  • Signs of labor
  • Labor and birth positions
  • The 4th Trimester
  • Comfort measures
  • Coloring pages
  • …and much more