Twin Fresh 48 Newborn

A Twin Fresh 48 Story: University of Michigan Hospital

I am still over the moon between documenting their birth story and capturing their first few days of life! This twin fresh 48 newborn session was absolutely magical. I’ve photographed plenty of Fresh 48 newborn sessions, but none quite like this. Working with multiples has certainly doubled my love for this passion.

Before the Fresh 48 Session: Twin Birth Story

I spent a total of 25 hours with them! This mama knew what she wanted: to birth her babies (one was breech) without a cesarean. She was induced at 39 weeks and labored for about 20 hours. Her husband, birth doula and I stayed right by her side. When it was time to head to the OR (where she’d deliver just in case a cesarean was necessary), she told the doctors that although Baby B was breeched, he was agile and would flip!! She was confident! Sure enough, Baby A was born at 2:24 pm weighing 6 Lbs 15oz, and within 10 minutes, Baby B flipped and was born at 2:39 pm weighing 7 Lbs 1.9oz. 15 minutes apart! It was the first I’d witnessed Twin A weigh smaller than Twin B. She trusted her body and knew her babies so well. It was truly an honor to be there to witness her strength and patience.
This birth made me so proud, especially as a woman of color! We all know the statistics regarding black women’s infant mortality rates and being pressured into unnecessary cesareans! She worked hard and got exactly what she wanted. Although there were some concerns with preeclampsia, she had an amazing team! Her voice was heard. The support she had between the staff, her husband, and her birth doula was incredible. 🙌🏾

The Fresh 48 Session

When I arrived two days later after their birth, it was right before bath time, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The nurse explained that the twins would have to be wrapped for an hour post-bath to ensure their body temperatures were regulated. I had to think fast because I knew that I would not be able to expose their tiny toes, hair, feet, etc because they’d be completely wrapped the majority of our session.

Fresh 48 Twin Newborn

University of Michigan twin fresh 48

Twin Fresh 48 Newborn

twin fresh 48

Ann Arbor fresh 48 photos

Capturing their first baths was so special. The nurses were so gentle. You could tell what parts the boys loved the most.

fresh 48 twin bath

What I adored most was their mama’s style and matching outfits! She found these super cute outfits on Etsy!

fresh 48 newborn twins

I truly enjoyed working with this family from the beginning. They are admirable. Dad kept me laughing and at ease with his silly and fun demeanor. I was so impressed with his ability not to miss a beat while supporting his wife through birthing their second and third child while simultaneously being the videographer. Again, we spent 25 hours together. It certainly matters who you choose to share in these sacred moments. I’m truly honored to have been invited to witness and capture such an empowering birth story and a magical fresh 48.

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