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8 Questions to ask before choosing a Newborn Photographer

Are you searching for a professional newborn photographer? With a saturated market of photographers, some new and some seasoned, you can ensure that these eight questions will help you sort out the best newborn photographer for your growing family.

Is your business registered and insured? 

While it doesn’t affect the quality of their work, it says a lot about how a business is operating. Being a registered entity ensures that their business is held liable for the laws and regulations governing the state they live. As a newborn photographer, it’s even more important to be insured. General liability insurance protects both the business and the clients in the event of an accident or damages. If they do not have liability insurance or are not registered, run!

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As a Newborn Photographer, what precautions do you take to keep the baby safe and comfortable?

Newborn Safety should be a top priority for you and your newborn photographer, especially one that owns a studio. Babies have startle reflexes, so someone else must be present with an extra set of hands. Your baby should never be left unattended. If you are looking for posed portraits, ensure they use a weighted blanket to prevent tipping,  posing babies in the safest positions to avoid strain on their joints and muscles. Are they sanitizing the studio and props after each session? Are the props inspected for sharp edges or structural defects? Make sure you ask all the questions.

Usually, a lifestyle newborn photographer doesn’t pose babies; they naturally photograph them. However, practices like warm temperatures in the space, removing shoes when entering the home, washing and sanitizing hands throughout the session, and wearing a face mask are all safety measures that I take as an in-home lifestyle newborn photographer.

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Do you pose/wrap babies, or photograph them in their natural state?

Some photographers work solely in a studio, on location, or both! Be sure to ask about this. For example, if you are more interested in portraits that reflect an actual “day in the life with a newborn,” then a  lifestyle newborn photographer is best for you. On the other hand, if you prefer beautifully curated sets with backdrops, buckets, and wrapped babies, then you should find a photographer with a studio. It would also help if you asked to see their portfolio to ensure it fits what you are looking for.

How much do you charge? Is there a minimum spending amount?

While pricing shouldn’t be the ultimate deal-breaker, you need to should know what you can expect to pay. Newborn Photographers have varying pricing structures. One might have a session fee with portrait products sold separately. Another could have packages that include digitals with a print release. Some photographers require a certain spending amount to book their service. Always make sure to ask and inquire about pricing. If you want prints or an album, you should know your total investment.

Can siblings and grandparents join?

I know this sounds like a general question, but some photographers only photograph the baby and will charge extra for additional family members. Personally, I think that the immediate family is a no-brainer, as this is their newest addition as well.

Meeting the grandparents and siblings and having those first moments captured are a must within my business. Your family’s dynamic has changed. Everyone has a new life to protect and care for. That’s a part of my storytelling perspective as a lifestyle newborn photographer.

Do you offer prints and wall art? 

If you know that you are interested in a photo album or an archival frame(s) for the nursery or living room, make sure to ask if they are a full-service photographer. You want to ensure all of your photographic needs are met. Some photographers do not offer print products, only digital images with a print release. If they sell what you are looking for, I will request samples. Samples show you precisely what you’re going to get.

We strongly believe that photography is best enjoyed in print, so we include both digitals and a set of beautiful mini snapshot prints with our all-inclusive session fees. We are also full service. Our heirloom-quality print products include fine art canvases, archival frames, albums, standard prints, and memory boxes. These add on’s are entirely optional.

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Tell me about your training as a Newborn Photographer: Any awards or publications? 

Because newborn photography isn’t regulated, anyone can go to the local best buy, purchase a DSLR and open a business. I’d ask about the work they do for their community, any training or workshops taken, awards earned, or any publications you can refer to. It’s definitely worth the extra research because credibility counts! It’s crucial to qualify your newborn photographer.

I am an award-winning photographer and have been featured in multiple media outlets and publications. See our featured stories here. I have an associate’s degree in business management and a photographic certification. I’ve also taken several online workshops and retreats that have helped me become one of the best photographers in the area.

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What set you apart as a Newborn Photographer? Why should we hire you?

You want to hear about their passions and who they are. as a person and business owners. For me, my purpose is rooted in my own motherhood experience. I am a 2xs  NICU mom. I inspire to serve mamas around the community with support, resources, and beautiful photos. During one of the most challenging seasons in my life, I felt surrounded and supported by them.

I will always be humbly grateful for the love and generosity showed during such a  vulnerable time in my life. I realized how much the small details count. Those small moments between the chaos are worth remembering. I feel extremely blessed to do this for a living.


These questions will quickly help you determine which newborn photographer will be an excellent fit for your family. A little research goes a long way, especially in the unregulated business of photography.

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