6 month baby photos

The 1/2 Year Mark: 6-month Baby Photos

The 6-month milestone is the perfect time to celebrate with photos! It’s the fun developmental stage where they show off their personality. 6-month baby photos are momentous! Some milestone developments worth capturing are laughing, sitting semi-independently, rolling over, blowing bubbles, attempting to crawl, and grabbing items to put in their mouths as they explore this new world.

Why should you have 6-month baby photos done?

So many changes are happening. Your little one is no longer that sweet and cuddly newborn baby. They’re learning, growing, and will soon be on the move. Want to know what your baby should be doing? Check out what the CDC says most babies should be doing at this age. With all the exciting new things that your baby can do and practice, you’ll want to remember those sweet details.

There is usually a ton of giggling, smiling, and, best of all, those chubby baby rolls! Your little one will be responding to your voice at this point, which can also bring out all sorts of expressions! They can’t escape like a one-year-old which makes photographing them much easier. Your baby has its own set of unique things they’re doing that just melts your mama’s heart. What’s that one thing you don’t want to forget about them at this age?

For me, my 6-month-old loved rocking back and forth trying to balance; his hands are his favorite toy and those big beautiful eyes!

6 month baby photo 6 month baby photos 6-month baby photos


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